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WAKaushi- Coulotte Steak

WAKaushi- Coulotte Steak

$15.79 /lb.
Avg. 9.6 oz.

WAKaushi Wagyu Coulotte Steak

1/2" Thick

1 Steak per package

VARIABLE WEIGHT ITEM, you will be charged actual weight on final invoice.

Introducing our top-notch Pure Country WAKaushi Wagyu Coulotte Steaks, that burst with rich beefy-buttery flavor!

A Coulotte steak is also known as the Top Sirloin Cap.  This cut is a juicy and savory steak that can be simple to prepare and delicious to enjoy.  This cut is great for grilling, pan frying and kebabs!

Typically cut in a round or triangular fashion depending on which end of the top sirloin cap it is cut from.