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Pork- Butt Roast- Boneless

Pork- Butt Roast- Boneless

up to 7-8 lb roasts
$5.60 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Be sure to leave a NOTE at check out on how big you would like your roast.  

Available sizes:

Half (3-5 lbs) 

Whole  (can be as big as 6-7 lbs but sometimes could be heavier depending on the pig)

Our Pork Boneless Shoulder Roast is one of our most versatile cuts. You can get away with cooking it just about however you please.

Many of our customers choose to pot-roast it whole, resulting in a delicious main course for a family dinner. You can also chop it up for a hearty stew. You can even throw it in a smoker for traditional pulled pork barbecue.

No matter how you cook it, you will have moist, tender meat every time.