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Pork- BONELESS Country Style Ribs

Pork- BONELESS Country Style Ribs

6 pieces per package- approx. 4 lbs
$5.49 /lb.
Avg. 4 lb.

Boneless Country Style Ribs are so good!  They come from the shoulder area- specifically from the fatty, muscular section of the shoulder blade near the loin.  They have enough fat and marbling to keep the meat moist unlike leaner cutes.  

They are great for stews, kebabs, throw in a crockpot and slow cook until tender or throw them on the grill!

These ribs usually have a lot of fat, which means they taste best when they are cooked low and slow.  The longer they cook, the more the fat renders out which results in smooth and tender ribs.  If they turn our dry- it is likely you cooked them too hot and fast.

The secret to tender ribs and the best, most fool-proof way is to make sure they are cooked low and slow.  Dont be inpatient with them, give them time and they will turn out amazing!