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Beef- Brisket Roast

Beef- Brisket Roast

1 per package- roughly 4-5 lbs
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Avg. 5 lb.

Get ready to drool over the ultimate smokehouse star: the beef brisket! This beauty hails from the cow's breast, where it's put to work, resulting in a naturally tough cut. But with some TLC, it transforms into a succulent, savory treat.


One defining feature of this meaty hero is its thick layer of fat. While some folks like to give it a trim, leaving it on is a smart move to keep the meat juicy. Pro tip: cook it fat side down to retain the flavor and prevent the fat from melting away during cooking. Trust us; you'll be rewarded with a divine, even crust and taste. Plus, the fat barrier shields the meat from direct heat, ensuring it stays moist.

Ready to get cooking? The secret to nailing the perfect beef brisket is to go slow and steady. Try braising or smoking it at a low temperature for eight to twelve hours to achieve mouth-watering results. And if you're braising it in veggie stew, give it at least three hours to let the meat soak up all the goodness and soften those pesky collagen fibers.