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As a family we try really hard to all get together and enjoy doing something fun.  Earlier this past August we went to a Mariners game and enjoyed celebrating Barret's 17th birthday and taking GREAT GRANDMA to the game was the highlight.  She is a major Mariners Fan!

Our animals are fed with locally sourced NON-GMO grains that is processed on our farm, with the majority of the grains (70-85% depending on the year) is raised by us.  

We do an annual feeder pig sale for 4-Her’s and FFA members, usually the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in April. We also sell our beef as well to 4-H and FFA members. 

A few times a year we offer group tours with companies who carry our meat products in their stores-  if our calendar aligns.

Our pork goes to weddings, family gatherings, and cooking competitions around the Northwest, like our saying goes "FROM OUR FAMILY'S FARM TO YOUR FAMILY'S FORK!"

FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES for small organizations have been a big hit.  We offer non-profit organizations an opportunity to apply and tell us about their group and what they are fundraising for.  If there group is approved Laura sets up a unique code to help groups funnel orders through our ordering website.  We began offering meat boxes for groups to pre-sell and they earn a portion of the sales back to their group at the end of the fundraiser.  This opportunity has been successful with three groups since starting this project this past April, 2023.


​Natural Raising Standards: Our naturally raised hog programs, the Non-GMO Fed Pork Program and Hazel Nut Fed Pork Program, are hogs raised in open hoop and shed structures with natural bedding. The animals have complete access to the outdoors. The sows and gilts have the freedom to nest and raise their offspring, never confined to farrowing crates or gestation stalls.  

No Antibiotics Ever or Added Hormones: All pork and beef produced are animals never receiving antibiotics or added hormones. If an animal gets sick, it is removed from the program and treated, never returning to the Pure Country program.  

Animal Welfare Standards: As the first pig farm in the United States to become Food Alliance Certified, this is a third-party audit from Food Alliance, a company that audits farms regarding their ability to adhere to more stringent guidelines. Areas audited include safe and fair working conditions, healthy and humane animal treatment, no use of hormones and antibiotics, GMO-free seed, reduced pesticide use, soil and water conservation, wildlife habitat conservation, and continuously improving management practices.

Non-GMO Verified Products are raised and fed a diet in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard for Avoidance of Genetically Engineered Ingredients. All animal diets consist of Non-GMO grains, wheat, barley, triticale, peas, and flax. No Corn. No Soy. Certification information is available on FoodChain ID (website www.foodchainid.com).